Here Are The FAQS . . .

Not all churches are comfortable having gay individuals in their congregation, and  those individuals are not always  comfortable in some churches. But 'believers in exile' still need fellowship with other believers. 

Enjoy that experience January 25th at the Comma Cafe, 6:30-800 p.m..

Support For Searching Gays. . .

  Feel alone? 

1) We share our stories and our dreams, 

2) Learn some things from our 4200 years of recorded eunuch (gay) history, 

3) Strategize for survival, 

4) Seek to understand as we want to be understood, and  


Here's The Deal . . .

  Jesus Christ is the foundation for GCF. We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, and we are not ashamed that we are gay. We are disappointed there is a great chasm between the GAY and FAITH communities. Working together WE CAN CHANGE THAT.  

A Real Testimonial . . .

  "If you have experience in stumbling and making mistakes, you’ll feel at home here. My past is my past and I'm tired of asking "is that all there is?" I want to change, and I will take all the help I can get from comrades . . . not critics. Will you join with me in the search?" A gay Christian in Carson Valley, Nevada.     

Share The News!

The next GCF Gathering will be  March 22  at 6:00- 8:00 p.m.
Comma Cafe
312 S. Carson St., in Carson City.
     food -- faith -- fellowship

Reconciliation  "to bring into harmony"
with God - not a religion.

"Why is God wanting to reconcile?"

Build A Culture Of Forgiveness . . .

We believe forgiveness . . . 

 and renouncing anger  

is the first step on the path to reconciliation.
Mutual respect is our goal.

                           (Author unknown)