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between Gay and Faith Communities

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Gay Christian Fellowship

YOU . . . NEVER . . . HAVE . . . TO . . . WALK . . . ALONE . . . AGAIN.

Because their sexual behavior is different from that of heterosexuals, LGBT persons are considered adversaries of the Faith Communities and  therefore are out of fellowship with them. LGBT Christians are often considered adversaries by the LGBT Community. Since there is no "legal" relationship between the LGBT and Faith Communities, the relationship between  them is based on expressed individual attitudes and overt  actions.  Here is our Mission Statement: "Gay Christian Fellowship strives for a reconciliation between the LGBT and Faith Communities, seeking a culture of forgiveness and "respect " towards each other."


The upheaval in communities, churches, and families caused by the on-going adversarial attitudes by members of both groups has been unprecedented. The basic human desire “to belong” has been severely hampered. Individuals have been isolated unmercifully and one may not always be certain where  they are  safe.

That is why Gay Christian Fellowship came into existence! 


 Empty pews . . . smaller crowds . . .  yet there are two groups of believers in exile. It was not their choice!  They have been exiled because they are non-conforming Christians. 

There are those old enough to remember when they were welcomed to a place at God’s table. There are also younger believers . . . searchers . . . who see the bitter fight and aren’t sure if being part of a church family is a warm, safe place to belong.



If you area a gay Christian, let's join together and demonstrate how an attitude of forgiveness . . . renouncing anger and extending respect . . . can be a fulfillment of your faith. You are encouraged to  become a minister of reconciliation.

Walking A Path to Reconciliation

· We accept the reality that each person has the inherent right to exist. 

· We affirm each individual has the right and responsibility to make their own choices within the    bounds of civil law. 

· We agree to establish and maintain a relationship with one another whether we agree or not.

· We agree that we are all equal in the eyes of God..  

A Call to Action . . .

There are pleas for financial assistance for many projects, but seldom are we asked to become involved in problem solving through reconciliation. That needs to change. We are asking you to become actively and deliberately involved in working toward reconciliation between the faith and gay communities. We are offering a simple way to remind yor to get involved.

Print the statement below. Sign it and place it where it will see it daily and be reminded of your privilege and responsibility to be a part of reconciling a major crisis of our time.

                                                  A PATH TO RECONCILIATION

                                  I am working to achieve reconciliation between

                                                 the Faith and Gay communities

                                                             one heart at a time.

                         Signed: _____________________________________ Date: _______________

                                          Sponsored by Gay Christian Fellowship, LLC


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Coming Events . . .

January 25, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Gay Christian Fellowship Gathering

           Food, Faith, Fellowship 

Comma Cafe'  312 S. Carson, Carson City

Discussion:  Provocative comments

JACOBUS, A Eunuch's Faith

January 25, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Gay Christian Fellowship Gathering

           Food, Faith, Fellowship 

Comma Cafe'  312 S. Carson, Carson City

Discussion:  Provocative comments

About the Author, Paul S. Trittin, b. 1946

Southern California native now living in Carson Valley, Nevada 

· Attended Vanguard University 

· U. S. Army, Vietnam Era, Congressional Liaison 

· Global University, one of three founders recruited by Christian denomination 

· National Flemish Art Exhibition, Brussels, first non-Flemish artist to participate

· Life Publishers International, Miami, Director of Operations and Editorial Board member 

· Understanding Russian Banking, contributing author invited to Russia to consult on further moves 

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Gay Christian Fellowship was founded in 2010 by

Rev. Dr. Marvin G. Baker

Rev. Paul S. Trittin

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